Shaping Your Body


A tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty is a surgical method that removes the excess of skin and fat from the middle and lower part of you abdominal area. The procedure gives a harmonious contour to your body – it removes the wrinkled skin, it hardens the abdominal muscles and makes a flat abdominal area.

Who Can Have This Surgery?

This is a medical procedure that can be made by both men and women who have some extra skin and fat on their abdomen, that won’t go away with physical exercises, or diet. This ‘apron’ as some surgeons call it, can be in some cases the result of a severe lost in weight. The tummy tuck can be of a great help for women who had multiple pregnancies and the abdominal muscles became too set apart.

When Is This Forbidden?

In the case that a woman wants to have another pregnancy, this surgery is not recommended, as the results from the abdominoplasty won’t remain after the pregnancy. The abdominal muscles will loosen again. For those persons who are in the process of loosing weight, this is also not recommended until the end of the diet. This is because the skin might loosen up more and the results of the diet are not set yet. The advice is to finish your diet first, see what results have you achieved, and then consider a tummy tuck, if there is the need.

The Time for Intervention

ps_cosmetic_body_tummytuckThis medical procedure is made with general anesthesia and it usually involves remaining in the medical facility for a few days. It can last from two to four hors, depending on the area that needs to be removed.

There are different techniques that can be used for abdominoplasty. Most frequently, the surgeon will make an incision in the lower part of the abdomen and from there he will extract the extra skin and fat. In some cases, he will reposition the belly button and also the abdominal muscles to be sustained and hardened. This entire procedure means that the abdominal wall will have more strength and firm and a slim waist.

Recovery after the Surgery

In the first days, you might get to feel that your tummy is swollen. There will be given medications to improve the discomfort, the weakness or the pains. Taking into account the complexity of the surgery, the discharge from the medical facility will be made after two or tree days. The patient needs to stay in bed during the first days and avoid fast movement, to reduce the tension in the lower part of the abdomen. For three or four weeks, the intense physical effort is forbidden. To allow a good healing, the patient must wear a girdle for about two months.

Fotolia_43314683_Subscription_Monthly_XXL-200x300Going back to daily activities can differ from one person to another, but the scars will flatten and become almost invisible in tree to six months. As in other cases, it is recommended to avoid the exposure to the sun for about one year, as the scars can be tanned and you will remain with a tanned scar and not a lighter one.

If the recommendations are respected, the scars will become some light, slim lines that will be almost invisible, even if they are hidden by the lingerie. To further maintain the results of the surgery it is recommended that the patients follow a good diet and practice sport regularly.

As in any surgery, there are certain risks. With a good surgeon, there will be fewer risks, as he knows what the patient should and should not do before the surgery and after the surgery. What will happen will mostly be up to the patient, as he is the one who needs to follow all the recommendations. If all goes well with the procedure and the patient respects what the doctor said, there is no need to worry about risks.

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